Here at Gold Bar Ranch, we welcome interns all year around. Many interns are WWOOF members and Helpx members (see links below, with many pictures and references)



We work 6 to 8 hour days, 2 days off.

Chores include the following:

  • yard work at the ranch and lakes
  • house work
  • animal care (horses, cattle, chickens, dogs, goats, etc.)
  • fencing
  • organic gardens
  • irrigation
  • current projects (check out my facebook to view current projects! – or see what we’re up to in news and events)

Suggested stay starts at 2 weeks, then 1 month or longer. There are separate accommodations, 3 bedrooms with 1.5 bath, full kitchen etc. We are at a remote location and will need own transportation or I can pick you up in Prescott, our nearest town. Needs adequate English. No children or pets. There is lots of organic meat, veggies and pizza, so what ever you like. Vegetarians are welcome when our gardens are producing. Well water. Wifi at the house. You can horseback ride, fish, swim, boat, hunt, hike, gold pan or go to a old western bar down the road. The nearest big town is 45 min. We are surrounded by ranches and mountains. Come join the team!



Intern Reviews

Julian Maurer (21), Austria – August, 2015

“Thank you so much, Ella and Mike! I’ve had the best time of my life during my month at the Gold Bar Ranch. Although the work was hard sometimes, Ella always took care of us and made sure we’d have enough breakes during the day. The Ranch is a wonderful place if you’re honest and diligent and you get to know outgoing people who treat you like you’re a part of their family. A perfect place for your first or next WWOOOF,”

simon1Simon Le Goc (24), France– September, 2015

wwoofed during two weeks at the Gold Bar Ranch in August 2015 and it was a great experience. We worked hard but had so much fun. The ranch is a very nice place to stay where you can ride horses, visit the Indian ruins or also the old cemetery! Mike and Ella are very welcoming and will make your stay unforgettable for sure :) Thank you guys again !”

Mattia Ferri (27), Italy – February 19th, 2014

Mattia, Italy

GoldBar Ranch is absolutely a 5 star host!!! I spent 2 and half months with McCracken family and I can tell you that Ella, Mike and Lillie are some of the best people I ever met. Always smiling, kind and available they made my dreams come true. I was searching for the american cowboy life-style experience and even if the winter is a calm season, they let me ride with their awesome horses and could find the way to let me wrangler the cows with the real cowboys in the outskirt ranches. Working at the ranch gives you the opportunity to do and learn several works everyday. If you are a lazy person, this is not the right place for you, there is so much stuff to do that they really need willing helpers, but I can ensure you’ll live one of the greatest experience of your life. Lot of work to do, but also lot of good food, lot of horse riding, lot of breathtaking places and of course lot of fun. They really play hard, we had several parties during my permanence and thanks to Lillie I could try to move my first steps in country dance. They really let you feel like at home as part of their family and Mike can tell you the most amazing and weird stories I ever heard. I highly recommend this host and I’m sure I’ll be back again.

Florent Rochette, France – October 8th 2011

Florent, France
The Gold Bar Ranch was my first experience in Wooffering and I will just say one word : Woaaaawwww.

I will remember this story of my life forever ! McCracken’s family is impressive, unbelievable, funny, always happy. Moreover, the ranch is awesome, anybody who loves country, calm and nature will love this place. There are a lot of land, a lake (great lake, it’s always great to swim or ropes-swing when there are 100°F outside) and their house is awesome, I like your living room. In summer, the weather is great but some days it’s very hot, like 100°F or plus, I have to say in the beginning it’s hard but after some days it wasn’t a problem. Each time we go to the town (Prescott) we have fun because there are a lot place great and often fairs.

Since the first date I’m coming, I felt like in my own home. I’m from France, despite my English, which is not perfect, they helped me to understand, to learn. So thank you very much !! My jobs consisted in built a fence, fed horses, fed cows, fed chickens and fixed a lot of things. I learnt some much about the work in the farm and the American culture. It was very rewarding and erich.

I have to say, if you want to go at the Gold Bar Ranch, you’ll have to work and sometimes it’s an hard work or a not very funny work but you will not be disappointed !!!

Thanks Ella, Mike and Lillie for this adventure, it was a pleasure to help you and met you. I want to do
it again !!
I miss and like you so much.

Leah and Chris Collier — November 23rd 2012

Leah and Chris

Thanks for being such great WWOOFing hosts and showing Leah and I such an awesome time. The Gold Bar Ranch was all that we hoped for. Leah and I have been WWOOFing around the country for our honeymoon after getting married in May 2012. Mike and Ella were very loving, accomodating, and helpful. We were able to do so many things we only dreamed of doing before, being from the city and all. We learned target shooting, archery, and horseback riding…stuff we’ve only seen in the movies before arriving at Gold Bar. It was truly a great experience that will stay with us forever. We highly reccomend this farm to all WWOOFers and prospective guests. Mike and Ella have the biggest hearts and kindest souls and we wish them the best in life and many blessings. WE WILL BE BACK!!!

Love and Light!

Klara and Laureen, Germany – October 30th 2012

Klara and Laureen

Hello everybody :)
We are two girls from Germany and doing a wonderful threemonth trip through the west of the States mixing wwoofing, couchsurfing and camping :)
We’ve been here at the Gold Bar Ranch for two amazing weeks! :) In the beginning we’ve been six wwoofers here which was really much fun :) Alltogether we were all the time laughing 😀
Also with Mike and Ella, both very nice personalities, we’ve got along very well.
It was so nice how open they were!
They invited us to celebrate Thanksgiving together with their family and friends and showd us so many interesting things on and around the ranch :)
Thank you very much to you two!
Even if the working sometimes was a bit hard, we really ejoyed the time here.
We liked especially the horsebackriding, shooting with arches and guns, playing golf in the backyard, seeing a lifestock auction, swimming in the lake and paddling with the boats and much more funny things :)
Also the landscape around here is very beautiful and accomodation in the huge trailer was also nice.
We hope that we can come back sometimes again and wish to all of you a great journey :)

Evan (20) and Joshua (20), United States — January 14th, 2014

Evan and Joshua

This was Josh’s and My first HelpX experience and I have to say we lucked out! We spend 2 weeks here for our winter break and had an absolute blast. We came in the “dead” season as far as actual ranch work goes but there was no shortage of variety in all the jobs we got to do. Ella worked us hard but kept us plenty fueled with amazing cooking at all times. We are both vegetarians and even though her garden wasn’t producing, she was enthusiastic to keep us well fed at all times!

Ella and Mike are 2 amazing people. Lots of fun stories and they made us feel at home right away. Being on a 100+ acre ranch, there was never a shortage of things to do in your free time. Like I said, incredible experience on the Gold Bar Ranch. I would highly recommend it!


Chris Clair, United States — July 26th 2012

Chris Clair

Spent two months at Golden Bar. Great family. Great lake. If you want to learn about horses and get some horseback riding done, this is the place for you.

Robert Rodriguez (27), United States — December 23rd 2013

I had an enjoyable weeklong stay. Its a laid back work environment. They went out of their way to make sure me and the two other guys were comfortable and had everything we needed. I appreciate the hospitality and knowledge that was shared. I can’t think of a negative thing to say about my experience here. If you are in the area, give em a call. Absolutely wonderful down to earth people at Gold Bar Ranch.

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