Building the outdoor kitchen

With weather this good who wants to eat inside? The lovely interns have been helping construct a beautiful outdoor kitchen so we can enjoy cooking (and drinking) under the sun and the stars.

Here’s how they’ve been getting on:

March 21st 2014 – We are currently building an outdoor kitchen! Check out the rock wall

This wall is the foundation for our ongoing outdoor kitchen project. We plan on adding posts along the perimeter and building three walls out of lattice. From there we’ll put a tin roof on top and install a fridge, a sink, and an oven. Eventually we hope to build an outdoor pizza oven as well. We see this overall project as the perfect recipe for some outdoor fun and relaxation, and we are very thankful for all the hard work from our WWOOFers (we couldn’t have done this without them!)

March 25th 2014

– Today we are finishing up painting the rock wall! We added turquoise to a few of the rocks and then painted a clear sealant over all the rocks to bring out their natural colors – emerald, pink, slate, blue, etc. We are so happy with the finished product. What do you all think?

May 15th 2014 – Iceberg Lattice

The structure is really coming together now and it’s looking incredibly cool! Today we have been adding cross beams and preparing the lattice wall with a subtle yellow cream colour to match the rest of the buildings at the ranch. Drillmaster Simon wasn’t content only using the single drill so started using two. If only he had the same hands-on approach to washing up!

June 2nd 2014 – French Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Viktor, our newly arrived WWOOFer from France did an amazing job putting the tin roof in place. I guess him and Mike did not eat enough lunch as I caught them turning to their noses for extras!

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