The Cattle Roundup

When the day starts with a call from your neighbor telling you your free-roaming cattle have wandered onto his ranch, what would you do?

Well, firstly tell him thanks and that a couple of his cattle have made their way onto your ranch as it goes. Cows always think the grass is greener too you see.

Next you hook up the trailer and head on over to the corral where two of your neighbours ranch hands have very kindly rounded up your wandering cows. After getting the trailer in position (that’s the hard part) it’s time to tempt the cattle in. Hay works wonders here and if it’s alfalfa hay then so much the better.

Hay alone won’t always get 6 cows, 4 calfs and a bull to share a trailer so that’s when a little persuasion is needed. In this instance liberal hat-waving and a little vocal encouragement worked just fine!

With the cattle loaded up it’s back to the ranch for a well earned cold drink. Just watch the engine temperature with all those extra 700lb passengers!

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