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About the Gold Bar Ranch:

The farming and ranching success of the Gold Bar Ranch and surrounding ranches were made famous by early discoveries of Gold in the Bradshaw Mountains. As early mining claims flourished several towns sprung up in the area to serve, which at one time had more than 1,000 miners. The early towns of Walnut Grove, Peeples Valley, Wickenburg and Crown King have seen their populations rise and fall over the years, but the communities are still thriving due to the lush and fertile valley of the Hassayampa River.

For thousands of years before the first settlers arrived, the native indians cultivated plentiful crops and hunted large groups of javelina and mule deer in the area.

Native Indian Petroglyphs

These petroglyphs are beautiful and are usually found along the hills by the Hassayampa river.

The Gold Bar Ranch is still blessed with the beauty and moisture provided by the Hassayampa River, which flows through the ranch property and is one of Arizona’s premiere remaining riparian habitats. Because of the crystal-clear waters that flow most of the year , the Gold Bar Ranch provides a natural home to an amazing collection of wildlife and flocks of birds that live in the fertile valley.

The marshy riverbanks offer breathtaking views of the river’s course against the backdrop of the foothills, making the perfect spot for a picnic or bird watching afternoon.

If you want to get rich, you can pan for gold in the river using an old fashioned gold pan.

The Gold Bar Ranch is also home to some of the best outdoor off-road recreation in the state of Arizona. Whether your preferred method of exploring the outback is your horses, your ATV’s or mountain bikes, the Gold Bar Ranch provides miles and miles of trails and dirt roads to discover.

The truly western aficionados will appreciate the Gold Bar Ranch because it still an active cattle ranch. You can take lessons on how to rope a steer practicing on the stationary roping dummy.

Whether young or old, adventuresome or simply interested in the storied past of one of Arizona’s great western towns, the Gold Bar Ranch is the perfect place to beat the heat of the Arizona desert. The year round temperatures are considerably milder than the warmer Phoenix area and the town’s backdrop against the foothills makes for pleasant winters as well. The Gold Bar Ranch is the perfect place to camp and get away from hectic pace of meetings, phone calls and emails.

You can even rent and sleep in the old ranchhand bunkhouse, which has been converted into a very comfortable bed and breakfast facility.

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Mike McCracken, Owner
Ella and Lillie McCracken, Owners

Mike McCracken, Owner
Ella and Lillie McCracken, Owners