Weddings at the Gold Bar Ranch

Have your wedding at the Gold Bar Ranch Lake.  A beautiful setting in the high desert of Arizona.  Use the Guesthouse to get prepared and dressed for the wedding then head on over to our private lake for the main event.  You can have it catered, have a band or DJ and dance all night.  Guest are welcome to camp at our private campground.

The cost is $800 per day for the campground and lake.

The guest house rental is $120 double occupancy.

The table rental (72″) $13 per table, $10 per table cloths, $1 per chair.

Extra parking in the field next to the lake. is a good DJ  can design & print your wedding materials

Mike and Kimberly Rice Wedding

Jonathan and Kayla Snyder Wedding

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tibbits Wedding

Ethen and Abby Wedding